Non typical Workers’ Day party II

Here goes the last blog about my trip on Workers day. 20 and something days have already passed, I hope I can remember the details. :) Yes, yes, I can! The easiest part of trip was in order. But before continuing with rest of trip, few more photos from the hill Holy Spirit.

1, 2, 3!

Down under. :)

I was reluctant to ride the bike down on this steep hill, but I thought, “I’ve dragged my bike hole way up, I’m not running with it down now!” So I sat on the bike, pressed hard on the brakes and slowly went down hill.

I wasn’t only one going down. :)

It was pure pleasure next few kilometers. At a cruising speed of 35 to 40 kph I was following the road that slowly went down the hill. If I only was alone on the road it would be even better and faster, but the road was going down and up with lots of curves so I couldn’t just ride as fast as I could. It would be too dangerous, there were cars on his narrow road.

View of a mountain.

View of a vineyard. This photo is not showing how steep really is.

A view towards the west. Sun was relatively down, and I added little more gold to this already golden view.

After that photo, I didn’t photograph too much, I was enjoying the ride on the road towards Varazdin.
When I came to this bridge, it was time to start pedaling again, no more down hill. River Bednja that I encounter fairly often on my trips to south, and I have some photos of it is from this point flowing in between hills on it’s way to Ludbreg and Drava river.

Another look on the Ivanscica mountain. It’s not looking so high from here! :)

What’s that, you’re asking? “Ne boj se” means “don’t be afraid” in Croatian. And I wasn’t afraid by that 30 and something kilometers that left for me to ride to home. I knew that every kilometer I make brings me closer to home. :)

Home, finally! Nearly 10 hours and 92,44 kilometers later. :) It was tough but interesting as well. This May wasn’t very nice when it comes to weather on weekends. After that day, nearly each weekend had at least one day with rain and strong wind. Maybe Jun will prove to be nicer. Well, we are on the end of this story. Next time, story from Hungary!

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