Non typical Workers’ Day party I

I’ve finished last blog with a beer. This one will be about ascent to hilltop  Sveti Duh nad Prigorcem. (Holy Spirit above Prigorec)

So, I’ve finished my beer, set on my bike and set sail to next station. When I planed this trip, looking at Google maps, I thought, what the heck! Yea, it’s a 300 meters uphill, but it’s three kilometers long, no big deal. Oh, how  wrong I was! :) The rise is not from point a to point b in a nice steady climb. It’s little less, than little more and than even more! :)

It’s not so steep yet. Hill on the left is my goal. Not looking too frightening, right? :)

It wasn’t long before I’ve come down from my bike and continued on foot. Me dragging my bike instead of it caring me. :) I’m stuborn when it comes to things like to continue to where I’m planing to go, so I didn’t even think about turning around and giving up.

Creek in front of a house. Here I’ve overcomed firs kilometer of ascent and I remember it wasn’t ease. But, worst is yet to come! :)

Mister Google? How much more I’ve asked. Much, much indeed, said the little blue arrow. :D Little white speck on right side on the screen is Sveti Duh, my goal.

From that point I didn’t take any photos. I was too busy dragging my self and bike uphill. Meter by meter, few liters of sweat later I finally managed to come to Prigorec, to Friscic’s mill underneath the village to be precise.

Under the Jamnicka sign is source of fresh water that’s flowing from mountain. It provided me with much needed refreshment. Anyway, I had nice plans how to photograph the watermill, but when I finally arrived I didn’t have will and strength to do anything. Besides it was full of hikers that were going downhill so that was distraction too.

So, I’m adding this plain and simple photo.

It wasn’t much more from the mill it self to the Sveti Duh. Only a kilometer, but, uphill. Yes, there were plenty of that.

Lat part of the path. The Sveti Duh hill is in front of me! If you look carefully you will see top of the church on the top of the hill. But, from here I so it will not be easy at all to come to the top!

Yes, the way of cross. And it was,  maybe the toughest climb I had to endure in a long time. Since I had to drag a bike, a bag with photo equipment, tripod(that I didn’t need at all) and two cameras. What to say, it was short but intensive climb. :)

No, it’s not the top jet! I takes about hundred more meters to the top. I’m not sure it’s visible from this photo, but this vineyard is on very, very steep hill-side. And it’s all done without mechanization. I have to praise ones that work here, it’s a back braking job…

I’ll add panorama here. It’s not something  photographically speaking, but I think it’s good at showing how steep this all is.

And when I finally arrived on the top, I was fairly disappointed! The trees are to high to see anything. And where trees aren’t in your way, there is a mobile telephony pole… Ah, the plans are made to fail, aren’t they? :)

Because I was upset with the fact that it all didn’t turn out as I hoped to, I didn’t make any too good photos. It could be done better. Well, next time I go up, it will be by car or by foot. No more biking. :)
Few photos from the top, church of Holy Spirit:

Small view to the distance I managed to grab through trees.

In lower left part of photo is Marusevac castle. Two photos of the castle can be seen  here.

It would be nice photo if it weren’t of this damn pole! Is it really necessary for them to be everywhere!!? This old lady came to the top little before me, to visit grave. And, I was thinking, I wouldn’t like be the one that would carry the coffin to this cemetery. I’m not strong enough for that. The building of the church on place lake this is something that wasn’t easy too. Since, it was built a hundred or so years ago. In meanwhile, some locals arrived on the top and when the so I had come with a bike, and when they realized how much more is to my home, they started to cross them selves. :)

About returning home in a third and last blog, next time. Thank you for visiting!

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