Year 2011. in 10 photos.

Same as for year 2010. I’ve made sort of top list of my photographs taken in y. 2011. Year behind us was most difficult in my whole life and that fact did reflect on photography. I photographed much less than usually, and it was often just to clear my mind, not to photograph anything nice. As the year went to it’s ending I had couple of trips that helped me get back on track, to think more about photography and to make photographs that I’m satisfied with.

Well, here it is. 10 photos from last year that maybe aren’t the best bu I like them for some reasons. They are arranged by the time they were taken.

Roebuck – June

As it often goes, interesting photos sort of happen by the chance. If I would browse trough four years of my blogging, I would find only a handful of blogs that I had some sort of wildlife images. And that would usually be little birds that are around us anyway. But, on that June day that started as sunny and ended up as cloudy I had interesting encounter at the distance. I’ve stopped at the top of the hill with road on it, thinking of creating panorama, when I saw something brownish just across the valley on the other hill. I had wide angle lens on so I had to change to telephoto lens. 300mm proved to be almost of perfect length. The brownish thing turned to be a roebuck that was peacefully grazing on young grass. Since it’s had was mostly in the greenery, I whistled to get it’s attention. As you can see, I did. It was looking towards me long enough to create this photo. I’ve watched it for a couple more minutes untill it strolled out of my sight. I like this photo becouse of the story I just told you and I thing it’s nicely composed with changing dark and light green stripes and the brown spot in right spot.

Square of calmness – July

Though I think many of my friends will look at me if I state that this photo is my favorite for last year, it is! I captured it in beginning of the month, it was early summer than. Afternoon that wasn’t’ really promising, with dull gray sky on Drava river. Despite of rainbow that showed up for a moment I didn’t have a photo that I would like. But as it goes I didn’t quit and I rode my bike couple kilometers further to the lake on the same river. And that turned to be a hit. As day came to it’s end the clouds become darker, the rain was in the air.  Behind me was a fiery sunset and in front of me this scene. This pier was new to me and when I saw it, the fisherman on the boat and the sky I knew this was the photo I wanted to take. Little longer exposure, favorable cloud configuration and that’s it! While the sky is screaming about incoming storm, the calmness of water, lines of pier and fisherman far away from shore are telling: “Calm down. It won’t start yet…”

Orange race – August

I don’t know why I like this photo, I can’t explain. I just like it. Perhaps because of the quantity of vessels on this little chunk of horizon, like a hint that the summer is starting for me to? I’ve taken this photo on the first day of my vacation while I was on ferry taking me to the island in Adriatic sea, Mali Drvenik. Little warm summer color and there it is, I like it. :)

To the south – August

This one is little easier to explain. Not much to say, though. :) It’s a warm summer sunset, with nice composition, nice colors, of a nice and a calm place.

Claw – August

This photo I’ve taken same evening as the one above, but there is totally different sentiment to it. It’s a somewhat frightening  with the rocks in a shape of a claw that’s touching the edge of the frame and with it rough texture it contrasts the milky sky and soft clouds.

God’s finger? – August

This photo, taken only day after my camera was heavily sprayed by sea, after I thought I will not make any more photos with it.  After whole night and day of drying it did come to life and I could go photograph sunset. On this particular beach in summer, sun sets directly into sea. It’s nice scene to watch. It was a cloudless day, but after sun set this cloud just came from nowhere and spread across the sky just for me. It just could be God’s finger. :)

Tree and Velebit mountain range – October

There are nice landscapes in part of Croatia I live in, but it’s small and there are traces of human presence everywhere. But, Lika, the part of country where I photographed this it’s something completely different! It’s beautiful, plain surrounded by mountains on all four sides of world. And hills that just pop out from the plain. Though I went there with my friend Davorin Mance to photograph sunrise over one of the hills, I like this photo the most. This small tree in contrast with big mountain range in back. Layers of colors, fog, blue sky with clouds going in to right place… If I’ll have photos printed in large format this will definitely be one of them…

Velebit and Zir – October

And the hill on the right was the one we came to photograph, named Zir. Nothing much to say about it. I like the way the hill is standing in the plain, with mountains in the back, fog, clouds….

Triangles and mountains – October

Another photo from the same trip as last two photos, and another one cropped to panoramic format. I was hoping I will have perfect reflections of these and lot more mountains i water, but wind wasn’t cooperating. :( It was blowing quite strong, but I did manage to find this little spot where the water was still at least a little . Though photo has it’s shortcomings  I like it because of composition, with all the triangles, it’s a nice reflection in the water and a reflection on the nice day of photography.

Delayed sunrise – November

And last one in this selection. Proof that preparation and planing are half of job, but also a proof that plans are made to go wrong. :) My plan was to photograph this tree as sun rises just above horizon. It was frozen morning, the sun would nicely paint frost and the tree, I would get nice sun rays, etc. But, the clouds you can see here prevented my from seeing the sun for a while longer. So, I decided to put my 10xND filter on the lens and try to capture movement of clouds. It turned out quite nice.

So, that’s it. I hope and believe that next year will be better in any case. I would appreciate if you would write a comment on my selection, how do you like it? Is there a photo that you especially like?

At the and, have a healthy and happy new year!

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